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Lagos → Dubai
01 Jun 2020, Mon
The cheapest Lagos–Dubai flight ticket found by our users: ticket from the Egyptair airline, departure 01.06.2020, and price 482 USD
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer

Where can I buy cheap flight tickets from Lagos to Dubai at a minimum price? is the best website to find the cheapest flight tickets. Are you planning a trip from Lagos to Dubai? It is important to know that the flight ticket prices from Lagos to Dubai are determined by many factors, including date and time of your booking. The best days to book a flight ticket are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. If you wish to know more, please read our article about the best time to book the air tickets and useful tips.

Compare Flight Prices from Nigeria to Dubai by month

You should buy cheap airline tickets to Dubai no earlier than 1-3 months prior to the departure. It is the best period to “catch” the lowest prices and discounts on flights. If you are planning an international flight or you are going to visit Dubai during the holiday period, we recommend that you buy flight tickets even further in advance.

What’s the cheapest day of the week to fly from Lagos to Dubai?

We have checked a large number of itinerary searches with departures within the next 90 days, and found that the cheapest flight tickets from Lagos to Dubai are available on Tuesday.

Is it cheaper to fly Lagos – Dubai directly or with a stopover?

It will be significantly cheaper if you book a connecting flight. You may say that the flights with stopovers are not very comfortable, but most often they are the cheapest. You will save up to 25-55%. The connecting flight price starts from $482. The di ...

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Ticket price by month for 2019

Lagos — Dubai Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer
Month One-way Round-trip
September 25.09.2019 from 504 USD 27.09.2019 30.09.2019 from 697 USD
October 01.10.2019 from 510 USD 20.10.2019 27.10.2019 from 583 USD
November 01.11.2019 from 484 USD 12.11.2019 18.11.2019 from 594 USD
December 05.12.2019 from 499 USD 22.12.2019 28.12.2019 from 743 USD
January 05.01.2020 from 512 USD 03.01.2020 09.01.2020 from 663 USD
February 01.02.2020 from 501 USD 01.02.2020 09.02.2020 from 597 USD
March 01.03.2020 from 484 USD 01.03.2020 09.03.2020 from 594 USD
April 01.04.2020 from 484 USD 01.04.2020 09.04.2020 from 597 USD
May 01.05.2020 from 484 USD 01.05.2020 09.05.2020 from 594 USD
June 01.06.2020 from 482 USD 01.06.2020 09.06.2020 Search
July 01.07.2020 Search 26.07.2020 31.07.2020 from 701 USD
August 01.08.2020 Search 01.08.2020 09.08.2020 Search
Prices found by the users for the past 48 hours are not on offer


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