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14 Dec 2023, Thu
The cheapest Lagos–Abuja flight ticket found by our users: ticket from the AIR PEACE airline, departure 14.12.2023, and price 110413 NGN
Ticket prices are dynamic and may vary

Book cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja is the best online service for finding flight tickets from Lagos to Abuja at the lowest price. It will be useful for those who are planning a trip. The cost of air travel depends on the date and time of the flight. In this article, we give useful tips on book flights.

Which day is best for buying cheap flights Lagos – Abuja?

We checked the statistical analysis. We studied a large number of best airfares with departures for 3 months and concluded that the most profitable days are Mondays and Thursday. Of course, pay attention to the season and holiday days.

Which cheap flights are better, direct or with stopover?

Flight booking from Lagos to Abuja air tickets by direct flight will be much cheaper. Also, aero flights from Lagos to Abuja with stopovers are not convenient and the direction will be more expensive. You save money and time by choosing the right direction. The cost of direct air tickets starts from $50 (NGN 18 025).

Local flights from Lagos to Abuja

We did an analysis of cheapest flights in one-way and round-trip. We found out that the price difference is about $ 2-5. One-way cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja allows you to be more flexible. But the process of booking a return ticket has a guarantee and helps to plan your time more accurately. We give an example of the difference in the price of fly Lagos to Abuja:

  • The average price for one-way from Lagos to Abuja is $51 (NGN 18 385);
  • The average price for round-trip from Lagos to Abuja is $100 (NGN 36 050).

Useful tips on flight deals from Lagos to Abuja

The currency in cities is the Nigerian naira, and it is fairly simple to acquire once you’ve arrived.

1. How much is flight from Lagos to Abuja?

The cost of flights from Lagos to Abuja depends on the airline. We like statistics and analysis and therefore we know that the average price of a one-way trip will be $56 (NGN 20 180). And the cost of the most cheap flight ticket is 51$ (NGN 18 385).

2. Distance from Lagos to Abuja by air

The duration of a direct flight from Lagos to Abuja flight time is 1 hour and 10 minutes. Also, the distance between Lagos and Abuja is 350 miles.

3. Flight schedule from Lagos to Abuja

1 hour 10 minutes
Airlines Sosa
1 hour 15 minutes
1 hour 13 minutes
Med-View Airline
1 hour 15 minutes
1 hour 10 minutes
Hahn Air System
1 hour 15 minutes

4. How many cheap flights are available to Abuja from Lagos?

More than 50 per week, an average of 7-9 per day.

5. Which airline is the most popular from Lagos to Abuja?

Arik Air provides 23% of the direct flights between Lagos and Abuja.

6. National airports in Abuja and Lagos

Airports are located in Lagos and Abuja are large. Airports:

1. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV).

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is the main international airport serving Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Concretely, the airport is located about 40 km from Abuja city centre.

2. Lagos Murtala Mohammed (LOS).

Lagos Airport, officially known as Murtala Muhammed International Airport, is the busiest and largest international airport serving Lagos, Nigeria.

A large number of taxis are always near the airport and you will be comfortable and quickly get to the final point.

7. List of airlines that fly from Lagos to Abuja:

DanaAir, Aero contractors Kenya, Aerolineas Sosa, Med-View Airline, ASKY Airlines, Ethiopian airlines, Air Peace, Arik Air.

How much is the cheapest Lagos - Abuja flight ticket?

Minimal price of the flight Lagos - Abuja - 110413 NGN.

How far is Lagos from Abuja?

There are 511 km from Lagos to Abuja.

How many airlines fly from Lagos to Abuja?

On flight Lagos - Abuja, 15 airlines fly: Cimber Sterling, Hahn Air Technologies GmbH, Arik Niger.

From which airports are there flights on the Lagos - Abuja route?

In city Lagos: Murtala Muhammed. To Abuja - Abuja International.
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Ticket Prices by Months in 2023

Lagos — Abuja Ticket prices are dynamic and may vary
Month One-way Round-trip
November 30.11.2023 30.11.2023 08.12.2023
December 14.12.2023 from 110413 14.12.2023 20.01.2024 from 155162
January 01.01.2024 11.01.2024 13.01.2024 from 217133
February 01.02.2024 01.02.2024 09.02.2024
March 01.03.2024 01.03.2024 09.03.2024
April 01.04.2024 01.04.2024 09.04.2024
May 01.05.2024 01.05.2024 09.05.2024
June 01.06.2024 01.06.2024 09.06.2024
July 01.07.2024 01.07.2024 09.07.2024
August 01.08.2024 01.08.2024 09.08.2024
September 01.09.2024 01.09.2024 09.09.2024
October 01.10.2024 01.10.2024 09.10.2024
Ticket prices are dynamic and may vary


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