Rating rules



Rating rules

  1. Only users who have bought airline ticket(s) on Kissandfly.ng and have made a flight can participate in rating.
  2. The passenger can rate the airline on the day following the last segment of the itinerary.
  3. Passenger can rate only that airline, which services he used making a flight. If the flight was performed successively by several carriers, it is automatically asked to rate the airline of the each segment.
  4. Passenger willing to vote must indicate the number of his booking (order) on Kissandfly.ng. If several persons were travelling using one booking number, then the airline can be rated only once, regardless of the number of passengers.
  5. If the passenger is a regular customer of one airline, he can rate the air carrier for as many times as many flights he committed with this airline. The rate of service may vary from flight to flight.
  6. Most of the parameters are mandatory for estimation, the other half can be estimated if the passenger wants. Passenger can not ignore the estimation of mandatory indicators. The rating data can not be saved and accepted, if some categories mandatory for rate were omitted.
  7. Please, do not estimate “at random”. Try to remember as accurately as possible and to determine the level of each characteristic on a 5-point scale. The more honestly you put estimates, the more accurate and truthful rating will be.
  8. For more objectivity, it is not recommended to put only the best or worst estimates.
  9. After participating in the rating and saving the results, passenger can not go back to correct his estimates.
  10. The airline is displayed in rating when at least 200 parameters are estimated.
  11. Information about any airline, whose tickets can be purchased on Kissandfly.ng, you can see searching for this airline. The search is performed in the "To find the airline" by the airline name or by your specific IATA.

If you have rated an airline, saved the results, but do not see the airline in rating, it means that your carrier has not gained 1,700 passenger's votes. Once that happens – Top rating will update with the new position.

Kissandfly.ng airline rating is an independent rating that is based on our passenger's rates. Data is updated instantly as new rates appear.

The main purpose of the rating — to get an objective rate of the airlines work, whose tickets are sold on Kissandfly.ng. When voting, the passengers fairly and objectively assess the comfort provided by the airline.

Rating suggests you rate all the basic criteria of service level: easy check-in, the quality of the services provided on board, the conditions during the flight and getting on/off the plane, while baggage registration/receive, when travelling with children and other characteristics. We are very attentive to the passengers' wishes and modify the settings as new indicators of demand appear.

The main task of the rating is to help our clients make the right choice when searching for airline tickets on Kissandfly.ng.

Privacy policy

  • We realize the responsibility to the passengers for the data privacy on the passengers' rates of the airlines work.
  • We guarantee complete rate anonymity. Points that were put by the voting participant are not linked with his e-mail address, IP-address, booking number and other identifiers.
  • If you have questions about the rating rules or conditions of participation, please contact us via [email protected]. Please write "Airlines Rating" in the email subject line.

Property rights

© All data of Airlines Rating on Kissandfly.ng belongs to Kissandfly.ng company. Any use of the data provided in the Rating is possible only after agreement with Kissandfly.ng. Full or partial copying or use of data, publishing the Airlines Rating statistics in any sources without the consent of the copyright holder is prohibited!