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Israel Airlines ( El Al )

Israel Airlines ( El Al )

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Israel Airlines ( El Al )

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  • Voting started: 2012-10-05
  • Passengers voted: 719
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  • Katrina Lander12 June 2017
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    DON`T! DON`T fly by airlines EL AL (elal.com)
    Horrible service. My son flight alone from Toronto to Tel Aviv to visit his relatives he was carrying gifts for his father and grandpa for fathers day and also took some money he won in competitions before. He wanted to take some classes from Israel`s coaches. Airlines insisted on putting baggage to check out. As a result, he didn`t receive his baggage. Poor kid lost everything in one moment! Also in service, they forgot about him, didn`t bring food, ignore his request.
    Do not send your children by this airline!

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